All people have to eat and everyone gets sick one time or the other. World used to live in a barter system where you exchange goods for more goods, however, ever since the discovery of money, we sell and buy things using money. So food as well as medicine, two most vital things in life today, is also for sale and they are posing a good opportunity for an investor with the never-dying demand.

Business investments: Prudent or not?

Some assume saving is a way to safeguard your assets, mainly money. But current loses its value with time. This concept in economics is known as time value of money. Today what you can buy with a dollar is not what you can buy tomorrow, or in the future. Hence rather than depositing a hundred dollars in the bank account, you can invest it in a profitable business. Business returns are received in real time, i.e. if you get a percentage of the profit, you will have it at the end of each quarter or at the end of each business year. Therefore, despite the amount you invested, you get your return as and when the time comes, but if you save it the percentage received as interest is low. The original amount when you retrieve it will value less than when you when you deposited it.

Choosing a business to invest in

There are so many businesses in the share market and anyone can contact a share market agent to invest in a business you choose. When deciding which businesses to go ahead with remember to look at not only the returns but also how established they are in the market, how profitable they have been and also their business ethics and values. If for example you are interested in investing in a department store chain you can look at their branch network, spending for branding and marketing, return on investment level and so much more. If you think of investing in a healthcare business check if they have standards such as ISO 13485 Singapore, quality service levels and you can ask around from people how they perceive it. The best measure is to see how customers identify a business. Its longevity depends on the acceptance of customers.

Improving your assets

If you have time and good management skills you can contemplate owning a business. One way to do this is to start a business yourself becoming an entrepreneur. And another way would be to invest in a business and actively take part in it, with time you becoming the major shareholder hence the owner of the business. But in that case you need to know how to manage your assets; that is, to manage a business as opposed to sitting at home expecting your quarterly shareholder profits to be deposited in your bank account. To make money, you need to spend money, and work harder than others. Investing must be done after a thorough evaluation of which company to choose.

Making money is not easy. Either you are an eight-to-five person or you are a 24*7 person. An entrepreneur puts in more time and energy and gains more, too. It needed to be decided by you which to become.

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