Here are a few tips and suggestions for you to try…

Lead by example

When it comes to your children, there is no better way to teach good habits, than to have those habits yourself. When children are very young and impressionable especially, what you do and what you say has a large impact on them. Make use of their fascination on you. make it a point to exercise regularly. Eat healthy, sleep regular hours. Have a healthy attitude towards alcohol; consuming it sparingly. While some of these habits might not make a difference to them at present, in the long run, it will make their life much better.

Take a care with what he eats

The food that your child consumes plays a large part when it comes to how active he will be throughout the day. Make sure he gets plenty of food that provides him with energy, and try to avoid giving him foods that will make him feel bloated or sluggish. And while you might already know that junk food is something you need to avoid, you also have to make sure not to push your child too much in this matter. If you don’t allow him a certain amount of junk food under your supervision, chances are that he might indulge himself when you are not paying attention.


Encourage him and motivate him to try out sports

Playing any sport is a great way to get your body fit and to live a healthier life. If your child’s school doesn’t offer this facility, or if he isn’t comfortable or qualified to get into the school teams, consider enrolling him out of school. If you live in Singapore, then things like badminton lessons Singapore is fairly easy to come by. Likewise, other individual sports like swimming or cycling, or team sports like basketball or football also have a lot benefits.

Limit his time with electronics

Without a doubt, today’s technology and the electronics available to us now-a-days make life much easier to us. However, it also makes us a little lazy. The same goes for our children. If he’s used to spending most of his wakeful hours playing in his laptop or other electronic games, perhaps you should consider limiting his time with these electronics. Encourage him to spend at least an hour outdoors¾even if he’s only exploring the neighborhood in his skateboard.

Adopt a few lifestyle changes

Small changes in life can make a huge difference when it comes to living healthier. For example, take the stairs whenever possible. Eat home cooked meals as much as your can. Ride your bicycle to work and school. These are all small changes, but in the long run, will make a huge difference in making your child more active and healthier.

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