Cancer seems to be a common disease or illness nowadays. If you would notice, the number of cancer patients are drastically increasing on a yearly basis.  On the positive note, because of modern technology cancer is now easier to treat and the chances of survival is also higher as long as the doctors were able to detect it at its early stage.

On the other end we can do our own share on how to decrease our chances of getting the big C. The following reasons are known to be factors that increases our chance of getting cancer. We need to know the following things and educate ourselves further.

Aging- Old age makes us prone to more sickness because of a weakened immune system. Make sure to take your supplements and other vitamins to help increase or build our immune system.

Family History or Hereditary- you need to know if you have close relatives or a family member who has or had cancer. It increases your chance of acquiring the disease.

Smoking- cigarettes are known to have carcinogenic ingredients that may cause different types of diseases including lung and throat cancer. Second hand smokers are also at risk of cancer. The bottom line is to quit smoking and stay away from cigarette smoke.

Excessive drinking and obesity- causes fatty liver and gastric problems. It also one of the main reasons why more people are getting diagnosed with different types of cancers and undergoing treatments for colorectal cancer operation singapore. Alcohol has good benefits as well but anything in excess can cause long term damage to the vital organs of our body.

Sun damage- Too much exposure to the Suns UV rays can cause aging, sunburn and increases our risk of getting skin cancer. Make sure to protect yourself by diligently applying sunscreen, wearing appropriate clothing and using accessories such as sunglasses, hats and umbrellas. 314

If you personally think that you are at risk of acquiring cancer make sure to do the following things:

  1. Schedule a routine check-up with your family doctor every 6 months. If you have symptoms make sure to discuss it and be open to undergo some tests.
  • Females that are getting monthly periods and are sexually active must visit their OB Gyne. It’s important for them to undergo pap smear and get vaccinated against HPV, known to be one of the leading causes of Ovarian Cancer.
  • Change your lifestyle by getting more active and making better food choices. Always keep in mind that prevention is better than cure.

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