Age strikes people unexpectedly. Suddenly you realize you are growing old and let it get into your head. However, that is not really needed. Aging is a natural phenomenon and you don’t need to feel weak, depressed and lonely. Aging has its own beauty and if taken well, you can healthily age with no medical issues. So here are some of the steps you need to follow.

  1. Accept and adapt

With age, you will identify various changes in your body. Your skin may develop wrinkles and dark spots, you may go through menopause and other hormonal changes, your bones may become weaker etc. Not only physical but other changes in your career and family happen too. After retirement, it might be odd to stay home all day with nothing to do around the house. You may feel lost with your self-confidence crashing down. Rather, you can embrace these changes and turn them into better. For example, make use of your free time to take up a hobby such as gardening, yoga etc.

  1. Exercise

Aging is not an excuse to lie in bed all day and watch TV. You need to keep up with your exercise routines. Take morning jogs, take a stroll in the park in the evening, walk to the grocery store, take the stairs to your apartment etc. It is vital that your body keeps moving so that you don’t develop complications in your bones and muscles. With no adequate exercise, you will experience severe muscle and spinal pain. If you don’t want to go to a pain relief clinic Singapore, better get moving.

  1. Eat healthy

Your body needs extra calcium, vitamins and proteins to stay fit when you age. Talk to your doctor and get a proper diet chart to keep an eye on your calorie intake and maintain it. You may not have diabetes or cholesterol, but is always healthy to avoid high sugar and oily foods. Eat home cooked meals as much as possible and avoid fast food. Milk, eggs, good meat and fish, nuts etc. are essential in your diet.

  1. Get social

This is the time you will especially need strong social relations. It is easy and normal to feel depressed and lonely as you age and hence you need to spend ample time with your family and friends. Stay in touch always through calls, Skype or physical meetings. Know that you are valuable to them. You can even join various community groups and societies where you can meet companions of your age who have similar interests such as a book club.

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