Deteriorating health is a major concern in the present world. New illnesses have popped up while the existent one’s number has increased rapidly. We usually heard diabetes, cholesterols, high blood pressure, depression etc. in adults over 40 years, however now these can be seen in little kids too. While running rat race of life to earn money, people mostly forget to take care of their own and family’s health. Also, if you don’t live a healthy lifestyle from a young age itself, you will face health issues in future. So here are some healthy habits to follow.

  1. Exercise effectively

You usually have no time to hit the gym or go for a jog early morning. You are too tired when you get home and simply want to get in bed and sleep as late possible, so waking up early for a jog is out of the question. However, research shows that incorporating at least 30 minutes of exercise is compulsory to stay healthy. Note it down like any other appointment and tend to it. Make it a habit so that automatically you’ll remember to exercise. If you really have no time, include exercise into your daily activities. For example, if your office is few blocks away, walk to and from work. Take the stairs rather than the elevator. During lunch, take a casual walk in the park.

  1. Eat right

A balanced diet with proteins, carbs, vitamins and minerals, healthy oils etc. is essential. We live in a fast food era where we are too lazy to cook. However, that needs to change. Eating home cooked food will keep you away from all bad oils and excessive sugar. Eating right will improve your skin, maintain good digestion, make your bones stronger and maintain your weight. You won’t have to get spine treatment in Singapore later on when your bones weaken and put on weight.

  1. Sleep well

Adequate rest is compulsory to maintain proper metabolisms in your body. Your body needs energy to work and if you do not rest adequately, you will feel drained and lethargic, not forgetting the huge dark circles and winkles on your face. A good night’s sleep of eight hours is essential. If you really have to stay up for important work, take power naps of about 15 minutes every now and then. It will boost your brain.

  1. Maintain mental health

Maintain good social relations, do meditation or yoga to relax your mind. Always stay happy so that your confidence is uplifted and you have the energy to fight daily battles.

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