As a parent, it is not only your responsibility to ensure the safety of your child. But you also have to ensure that they will grow up to be self-sufficient adults. One way to ensure this would be to make sure that your children possess the skills to take care of themselves. However, it appears that in this day and age parents are more concerned with the child’s education. We are not saying that education is not important because it is. But parents also have to pay attention to survival skills. That is because education would only get them so far in life.

Teach Them To Swim

Just like children are taught how to walk they should also be taught to swim. Therefore that is why you should enrol them in yio chu kang swimming lessons as soon as possible. We understand that some parents teach children as young as two years to paddle. That is because this is an essential life skill to have. You never know where life can take you.

First Aid

It is not like in the past where people had to travel for miles for medical help. That is because it is extremely easy for one to find a clinic or even a hospital. Thus, due to this reason, many parents have forgotten the importance of first aid. But in certain situations, you would not have time to seek medical help. Then, in that case, you should possess the knowledge to treat yourself. Therefore make sure your children know how to dress a wound. Furthermore, also make sure they know how to treat burns. That is because these are common accidents that one can suffer from.

Self- Defense

Every parent believes that they would be able to protect their children. But they can only do so to a certain extent. Thus, that is why parents should stress the importance of self- defence. This should not only be taught to girls. But it should be taught to both genders equally. That is because you never know when harm can befall you. Therefore when this happens you should have the necessary skills to defend yourself.

Teach To Sew

Many think that learning to sew is an obsolete art. They think that only fashion designers and tailors would require this knowledge. But that is not true. Every individual should be able to sew a button on their shirt. That is because they cannot throw away a good shirt because a button is missing. Furthermore, they also cannot take a shirt to a tailor to fix a broken button.

Thus, you would now know what skills you have to teach your child.

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