There are different types of protein supplements and what we’ll talk about today is what they are and how they exactly work.

Each protein supplement always has different uses, otherwise there are no reason to call them a different type of protein supplement. So depending on your preferences, needs, and circumstances, you might want to choose carefully what you take as your regular supplement.

Whey protein

First type of protein we’ll be talking about today is the most popular of them all, whey protein. You might already know that whey protein comes from milk along with the casein protein which we’ll talk about later in this article. It’s really high in protein but some people have a hard time taking it in because it contains lactose.

It is rich in BCAA or branded-chain amino acids. One of the components of whey protein that is a BCAA is Leucine, which is vital for the muscle growth and recovery of anyone but this is especially true for bodybuilders. That means it is required for workouts that emphasizes resistances and endurance.

The amino acids that are provided by whey protein is used to promote the muscle protein synthesis of your body. This is the process of repairing and creating muscles since your muscles will surely be damage or even completely broken down when exercising.

Another use is it can promote weight loss because you’ll experience a loss on your appetite when digesting whey protein. So of course, you won’t have to eat a lot to satisfy your hunger or eating desires.

Egg protein

It’s already known that eggs are an excellent source of protein and it’s a natural one at that. So of all the whole foods you can get, eggs are the best source. Aside from that, the protein on eggs are of high-quality and easy to digest unlike other artificial foods.

Another benefit of eggs is its capability to decrease your appetite by making you stay full for longer. Also remember that the egg protein is made from egg whites so it’s not totally from a whole egg. That’s why egg protein isn’t that much helpful with making you full for long.

Soy protein

This type of protein is not that familiar with others but it is still a great source of protein. But as the name implies, it is more suitable for the vegetarian looking for a source of protein. There are also different benefits that come with it. These include the arginine for the improved flow of nutrients in the blood vessels for a faster flow and transfer to the muscles and branded-chain amino acids and glutamine which helps with the recovery of your muscles.


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